growing up i developed a physical aversion to sand. actually, i think i was born with it. my mother would carry me from the hot pavement of the parking lot to the safety of our beach towels, already laid out. naturally, i never imagined a wedding remotely close to the water or related to anything nautical. instead, i imagined a rustic barn lit up by tea lights, decorated with horseshoes rather than seashells.

as luck would have it, i’m marrying a man who loves the sand. and boats. and anything nautical for that matter. and furthermore, i live much closer to the ocean than i do a farm.  luckily, i fell in love with the seaside venue as quickly as i did with him, making the transition from rustic to nautical nuptials much smoother.

here are a few of my wedding inspirations… and, turns out, anchors and knots really aren’t so bad…

swatches amsale blush vera wang gemma ivory{peaches & cream: swatches for the big day}

vera wang wedding stationary anchor knot{nautical touches: knots & anchors decorate our wedding stationary}

blush wedding flowers lambs ear{blushes & lambs ear serve as inspiration for the gents}

bloch white ballet slipper wedding{basic bloch ballet slippers for late night back up}

barn wood chalkboard with nail{loving these rustic numbers that remind me of my time in sb}

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peanut butter jelly time

pb & j bars peanut butter dessert

hello all. with back to school and my favorite seasons fast approaching {combined with my complete boredom of seeing the same brussels sprout recipe on my homepage} i decided to update the blog. finally.

the past few month have gone by very, very quickly and were filled with some very exciting things. i got engaged to the coolest guy i know and planned a wedding in roughly 8 days. then began a very serious love affair. with soul cycle.

i completed my first semester of graduate school and begin my second shortly. not to mention, i begin a new job pursuing a new career in just a few short weeks. good thing i’m not too scared of change…

in honor of the latter, i thought i’d prepare a back to school treat following this recipe. a yummy take on the most edible/scholastic duo i could think of:  pb & j. although i’m pretty sure nuts aren’t so much allowed in schools nowadays, so it might be best to enjoy these little nuggets at home…

wild blueberry reserve bonne maman{bonne maman: my favorite preserves. i swapped strawberry for this wild blueberry}

creamy peanut butter pb & j bars{creamy pb}

farm fresh egg{lone farm fresh egg}

pb & j bars

pb & j bars peanut butter dessert

pb & j bars peanut butter dessert

henry has an announcement.

bulldog{new posts starting tomorrow… please read?}

warm brussels sprouts salad.

we love brussels sprouts, yes we do!

for the past few weeks my mother has been raving about an amazing salad she regularly get in her hometown out west. so when she visited a few weeks ago, we took a shot at our own version of her fave new dish. i had never had a warm brussels sprouts salad, but being a huge fan of the green little goodies i’m always up for new ways to enjoy them. turns out, this is a super easy {and super delicious} meal that’s sure to please. feel like staying on the lighter side? ditch the bacon, or swap it out for turkey bacon, it’s still just as good!


finely cut brussels sprouts & shallots

sauté brussels sprouts & shallots with olive oil & salt & pepper to taste

hard boil 1 egg per serving

fry 2 pieces of bacon per serving {we like our extra crispy}

quarter hard boiled egg & crumble bacon

add bacon & eggs to  sautéed brussels sprouts

drizzle in olive oil & balsamic

add salt & pepper to taste